Wedding Spray Tan Prep

We recommend following this guide leading up to your wedding day tan to achieve the most flawless spray tan you'll ever have. 

Begin exfoliating regularly 2 weeks leading up to your appointment. 

This will ensure all dead skin cells have been removed and the tan 

will be applied to fresh skin. 

Wait at least 24 hours between waxing and tan application (waxing done first). This will ensure the hair follicles have settled resulting in a smooth, even tan. 

If you are getting lash extensions, do this at least 48 hours before tan 

or 24 hours after. 

Prior to tanning application, have clean skin free of 

deodorants, perfumes and lotions.

We recommend booking your trial tan for your shower, bachelorette or dress fitting). This is the best way to see exactly how the color will look against your dress (or at least something white) and we will know if you need to go lighter or darker for the wedding day.

Going right on your honeymoon? Purchase our X-Press self-tanner 

to touch up your tan while away. 

Schedule your wedding tan for 2 days before the wedding. 

Anything earlier than that could result in a faded tan. 

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! This is key to maintaining your 

flawless glow all week long. It will fade evenly and not get blotchy 

with the help of staying hydrated and applying moisturizer.


Before & After Care

24-48 Hrs Before Tan

 1 Day before you tan, based on your sensitivity: plan all hair removal services 24-48 hours before spray tanning. This will minimize possible irritation, and allow open hair follicles/pores to close. This will minimize a speckled tan appearance. We recommend waxing and laser services always be done 48 hours in advance. 

Night before you tan, or day of: Skin should be clean, dry and well exfoliated before your spray tanning application. Please use a clear/transparent GEL soap (brand does not matter, but do avoid DOVE or opaque milky looking products - no bar soap please). Please remove all cosmetics, scrubs, lotions, soaps, hair conditioners, shampoos, hair removal product or shave product residues from the skin. These can coat the skin and effect tan application. If the skin has been waxed, remove all wax residue. Please use an exfoliation mitt, cloth or glove on all body surfaces, including arm pits, chest, back, focus on dry areas such as knees, elbows, hands and feet.   


Day Of Tan

 Showering is recommended to remove sweat, skin oils, cosmetics, anti-persperants, lotions and perfumes from the skin. Skin should be clean, dry, sweat and product free for the best tanning absorption, and even results. Wear a tight dark garment, that you do not mind getting tanning solution on for your spray session. Keep in mind, Nylon, Lycra, Spandex, Silk and Wool may all stain from self-tanning products. Please advise your technician of any known allergies, health concerns or if you are pregnant or breast feeding 


After Your Airbrush Tan

During tan development, wear loose, dark comfortable clothing, that will not be damaged from spray tan rub off. Tight garments, jeans, undergarments, socks and shoes can rub against your fresh tan, and create lines. Wear house shoes, loose thong shoes or sandals. Use an umbrella if weather is rainy, and avoid splashing the skin with water. Please protect car seats, fabrics and leather, or porous surfaces you may sit on, with a towel to prevent staining. Clean toilet seats post use, if needed to prevent stains. Use dark sheets on bedding before your shower, to prevent any stains. Avoid sweating, or water exposure, post tan for 8 hours, or until your post tan shower. Hands may be cleansed by wiping palms only with a wet cloth or wet wipe. If make-up application is desired, limit products to powder based items only, until post tan shower. If wearing a scented spray or perfume, please spray air (not skin surface) and walk through the cloud, to minimize tan damage. Scented body powders may be used freely. Avoid touching your freshly tanned skin, during development time. Clean palms if product transfers to them, using alcohol based facial toner, or nail polish remover. 

 Please shower based on the information provided to you by your Spray Tanning Technician. Your tan will take approximately 24 hrs to completely darken, no matter which product blend you have used. Color will continue to darken after showering. During your first shower, you may see a brown tint wash away in the shower water. This is the temporary cosmetic bronzer colorant, that allowed the tan to be seen when first sprayed onto the skin. This is not your sunless tan, but only a cosmetic “guide”. It is normal for this to wash away upon showering. You will see, when viewing your pale tan line, the depth of color of your tan. This will not be the exact tone or darkness, as when the temporary bronzer color was on the skin. This is perfectly normal, as your sunless tan reacts with your unique skin chemistry, creating an individualized color, that is unique to you. Note, do all color checks 24-48 hours AFTER your spray tan application, and AFTER showering to see the true results of your tan. 

Maintaining Your Tan

Regular moisturizing will help prolong the wear of your tan. We recommend you apply moisturizer products to damp skin (fresh from the shower) to help lock in the moisture from your shower. Many brands work well, and you DO NOT need to avoid all oil containing products, nor avoid all oils. Many oils can be used without tan harm, based on the type used, and formulation. Please discuss this with your Tanning Technician. 

Avoid all bar soaps which can be drying, and harsh to a spray tan. Many may create a coating on the skin surface, this can alter how a freshly sprayed tan absorbs. Your Tanning technician can advise you of recommended products. Wash with a mild soft sponge, or shower poof ball or soft wash cloth. Pat skin dry when toweling off. Scrubbing or abrasion on the skin surface will remove some of your fresh tan. 

When shaving use and electric razor, or a fresh triple or quad blade razor with new blades and plenty of lubrication to minimize spray tan removal. 

Hot tubs, and pool swimming can lighten or remove your tan. Use of a water resistant lotion based sunscreen, and limiting soak time to shorter sessions can help lessen tan fade. Please pat dry when toweling off.